Quick and clean designs for over a decade
I began my interest in design when I was in my early teens. My cousin and I used to find Photoshop tutorials that we liked and would sit on the phone for hours while we completed them. (We compared our results by sending them through AOL Instant Messenger... ✌🏻👴🏻✌🏻) From there, I dabbled in (terrible) Flash animations and eventually found my footing tinkering with late-90's web builders like Yahoo! GeoCities, where the restrictions of that platform made me want to learn how to write my own code.My first sites were Photoshop designs cut into pieces and reassembled for the web with code from Adobe Dreamweaver. Just as I was publishing my first site, I got my first dose of just how quickly things change in the world of web design and development and began the never-ending journey of learning the new tools of the trade. Through table layouts, floats, and the rest, I have stayed on a constant hunt for the technologies that make sites faster and more versatile, with a majority of my current work being built on React with GatsbyJS for static-site generation.Since the mid 2000's I have been working on a freelance basis with a variety of clients, helping them establish brand identities and better reach their audiences.When I'm not behind the computer, you can find me acting on stage or playing music, or looking for the nearest Starbucks. ☕️
My Process
From the initial consultation, I work with my clients to fine-tune the experience to it's cleanest, simplest form.
I strive to create experiences with colors and typography that represent the personality and values of my clients.
I build-out the experience from the design to look great on a variety of full-sized screens.
In today's multi-device world, experiences are distilled down to ensure content is delivered quickly and clearly.
Continuing Support
Whether it's making design tweaks or implementing new features, I continue to stay in contact with my clients to make sure their site is an experience that represents them and their values.
My goal is to create designs that are unique, but simple and straightforward. I use minimalism with an emphasis on typography and functional design to bring the best possible experience to the end user.