Zach Cossman Designs v3

The v3 redesign of Zach Cossman Designs was originally a static site where I managed all the portfolio items manually. Once I learned GatsbyJS, it was a no-brainer to covert the portfolio information into JSON data and allow the site to create the portfolio links by itself, as well as programatically create the full-page portfolio detail pages.

Once the site was established, I did my best to integrate working page transitions with the React Spring library, but they unfortunately never functioned 100% properly. Once I discovered Framer Motion for page transitions, I began creating the current site you're on (Zach Cossman Designs v4!) and never saw the benefit of refactoring from React Spring to Framer Motion when the site was going to be taken offline anyways.

ZCDv3 was also my first production site that utilized the Styled Components library, which is my go-to library for CSS-in-JS.